16” Triple Level 8 Arm Tree Perc Straight Water Pipe

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So you like to get lifted huh…well meet your match! This high-performance 16 1/2inch tall water pipe made by NY Glass will take a whole bowl's worth of smoke and turn it into a delicious, easy-going rip that will send you to the stars. 

The three percolators each have 8 arms allowing for the smoke to pass through and diffuse before reaching every percolator, giving you a less harsh and more smooth hit.  Made of thick glass, this beauty is so durable that you should plan to have it for years to come! 

  • Height: 16 1/2in
  • Base width: 4.25in
  • 14mm male banger included 
  • Triple 8-arm tree percs
  • Available in Multicolor Green/Violet