Glue Gar Go Stix

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Glue Gar is a natural adhesive for all your favorite type of Rolls, Woods, Wraps, Hemp, Papers and more. Comes in 4 Great Flavors OG Flavorless- No Smell or taste Vanilla Cake- Smell and tastes just like the real thing. Blazzin Berries- Goes great with any sweet Roll. Warped Watermelon- light but great flavor.This is a 3ML twist pen with a brush tip that is easy to apply to your choice of product. Try some out and you might not ever want to go back to using anything else to seal your roll up. 

Assorted Flavors:

  • OG Flavorless
  • Baked Vanilla Cake
  • Warped Watermelon
  • Blazzin Berries