Large Stash Box Set

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Need a secure place to store your stash and all of your accessories? If so, this large stash box is the perfect size for you!  Made of solid bamboo wood, this kit comes with the following items and is available is various sizes and designs:
  • 1 x 60mm 4pc Grinder- 2.5" Large size High Quality Zinc Alloy Material, Powerful Sharp Teeth, Micron Mesh Screen Pollen Grinder for Spices, Herbs, Teas etc.
  • 1 x 3" UV Stash Jar-Decorative container handy storage stash jars to keep your herb, spices, or tobacco fresher for longer.
  • 1 x Wood Cigar Roller
  • 1 x Bamboo Wood Box with Latch – (7" x 7.5" x 2.75") Rectangle shape divided into three compartments with a shelf to store and organize your smoking accessories and treasures inside. (Bamboo is a 100% sustainable resource and is bacteria resistant)
  • Customizable Stickers