Namaste High Rolling Tray Set

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Namaste High...don't we all love the feeling! This set is hand painted and designed using permanent and holographic vinyl, and covered in epoxy resin and glitter to seal in image. 

Our Namaste High rolling tray set is available in 3 different packages:

Our 5 piece Standard Set includes:

  • 1 9x6 inch Namaste High rolling tray 
  • 1 4 ounce smell proof stash jar
  • 1 refillable lighter
  • 1 4 inch wide ashtray
  • 1 cigar splitter
  • free shipping

Our 8 piece Deluxe Set includes:

  • all of thee above
  • 2 piece aluminum grinder
  • 1 glass chillum
  • 3ml Glue Gar Go stick
  • free shipping

Our 10 piece Premium Set includes:

  • all of thee above
  • 5oz stash jar (upgraded from standard and deluxe 4 ounce jar)
  • Fumed glass pipe (upgraded from glass chillum in deluxe set)
  • 1.5 oz bottle of BluntPower Concentrated Air Freshener (your scent of choice)
  • Smoke Odor Exterminator Car Freshener (your scent of choice)
  • free shipping