Portable Electric eRig Dab Kit

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Tryna get really high? This beautiful gold Portable Electric eRig Dab kit is the ultimate starter kit to get the perfect vaporization of concentrates, and comes with everything you need. This handheld vaporizer oil rig comes with a G2 titanium nail that is also removable.

The battery is 2500mAh which is very powerful and long lasting, and also comes with a USB cord to charge it. Snugged in a sturdy carrying case, the carb cab is magnetic on the bottom and a dabber on the top. Inside the water chamber, there is a glass percolator. 

When you're charging, it will show a white light and change to green when it's done charging. Turn it on by pressing the power button three times in a row. The same process is used to turn it off. If the power button light flashes five times, it shows the battery is low. If it flashes three times, the portable oil rig has short circuited. 

Peak temperature is 980ºF. There are three continuous heating temperatures. The first one is 630ºF. It then goes to 700ºF and then 800ºF. If the device heats up fives times continuously, turn it off to avoid getting it burned out.