15'' 3D Bee Hive Glass Recycler Pipe Dab Rig with 3 Recycler Chambers

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This definitely is a ONE-OF-A-KIND piece and a collector's dream! This 15'' 3D Bee Hive Glass Recycler Rig features several different features that make this a perfect piece for both dry herbs and concentrates.

Starting at the bottom is a thick rounded base to ensure this piece sits safely on any flat surface. The middle displays 3 beautiful bees sitting on top of 3 recycler chambers. As you inhale, smoke travels through the reinforced fixed downstem into the bottom chamber from where it gets pulled up through a submerged open-end tube into the top chamber. 

After being filtered and diffused, the water is continuously recycled through the dual arms and top-funnel that helps maximize flavor and cooling. By re-filtering the smoke, more toxins and chemicals are taken out, which results in a hit that is much softer on the lungs, but still packed with all of the wonderful flavors that your concentrates or herbs have to offer.

The mouthpiece, base, and middle are adorned in the color of your choice to make this beautiful dab rig even more stunning! Available in Pink, Violet Blue and Light Green.

** Glass bowl is included but not pictured. To use this piece for concentrates simply add a 14mm male quartz banger (sold separately).