Easy Butter Maker- 2 stick

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The Easy Butter Maker puts the fun back in baking! This must-have kitchen tool features a simple yet effective design, which gives you the easiest "magic" butter infusing process possible. It makes 2 sticks of herbal butter or approximately 1 cup of cooking oil in about only 10 minutes! (10-20 for optimal results) The Easy Butter Maker is small and portable, about the size of your standard tea kettle, making cleaning and storing a breeze. Finally, the component that sets The Easy Butter Maker apart from the rest is it's affordable price. Spending a mass amount of money to enjoy your herbal infused butter or oil is no longer necessary thanks to this great product!

Instructions: 1. Place two sticks of cubed, unsalted butter into lower pot (or 1 cup of olive oil). Add water. 2. Insert filter through the butter or oil. Add finely ground herb. 3. Tightly screw upper pot to lower pot, place on burner at medium heat. 4. Cook until you begin to hear gurgling or you can see steam. 5. The upper pot will contain your infused butter or oil with water mixture. Pour liquid into plastic container. Remove the water mixture with an eye dropper or place in refrigerator until butter hardens. Then poke a hole through the butter and drain excess water.